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CFD Navigator: New Trading Contest Starts July 6 Recently Forex broker FXOpen introduced new trading instruments, including CFDs, oil, and natural gas. ForexCup couldn’t but follow the suit. Today we launch new contest called CFD Navigator. Lots of prizes 3 PAMM Accounts.

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Website: https://www.fxopen.com

Address:P.O. Box 590,
Springates East, Government Road,
Charlestown, Saint Kitts and Nevis

Phone: +64-9-801-0123

FXOpen broker provides traders an access to Forex and cryptocurrency markets.
You can open an account from 1 USD and start trading.

FXOpen was founded by a group of traders as an educational center in 2005 before establishing itself as a Forex brokerage. With years of experience, the company has gained an excellent reputation as one of the leading and fastest-growing Forex brokers.

Our mission is to offer traders professional services in Forex and cryptocurrency trading, managing and investing in PAMM accounts, analytics, all backup with excellent customer support. FXOpen provides a true ECN trading environment to its clients via the MT4 and MT5 terminals, offering the tightest spreads and low commissions.
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A brief introduction to Blackhedge

There has been lot of queries regarding Blackhedge. As one of the founders of Blackhedge I thought it would be proper to put up a brief primer on Blackhedge explaining about ourselves and our services and how you can profit from it before it fully goes functional.Those of you who have not visited our website yet can visit us at www.blackhedge.co .
In short Blackhedge is the world's first Altcoin centric proprietary trading firm.That is simply we trade all fiat asset classes ( forex, stocks, commodities, bonds) and also crypto currencies with company owned shareholder funds and pay dividends to our shareholders in purely BLK .( This is unlike some bitcoin based hedgefunds who only trade bitcoins)We also finance BLK centric crypto projects and promote blackcoin technology.
Most of you by now are probably thinking that we are yet another crypto scam site who will disappear with the money overnight.Most of you might question that is it even legal ??The main issue with most cryptocoiners is trust so far I understand and we are not even asking you to trust us.
We are a proper registered firm managing our company owned funds and also acting as a money manager for three very reputed and regulated brokerage houses. As I said you do not need to trust us to make money from us :-). All you have to do is open an account with one of the brokers we are affiliated under and copy our trades in our account. So you do not have to pay money to us directly. You have full control of your money and you may withdraw it anytime you like minus our performance fees which varies from 15 -20 % which the broker directly debits from your account in case of a profit. We also accept clients from U.S and Canada.Sounds interesting ?? Read on.
For Non U.S clients
Minimum investment :- 100 USD Minimum top up :- 20 USD Performance fee:- 15 % Withdrawal penalty :- Nil Deposit :- Bank Wire/Credit Card and various e-currencies Broker :- Fxopen ( regulated in New Zealand) To open an account all you have to do is to click the following link and invest under our trade signals https://pamm.fxopen.com/en/Pamm/Blackhedge6
For U.S/Canada based clients Minimum investment :- 500 USD Performance fee :- 20 % Withdrawal penalty :- Nil Deposit Mode :- Bank Wire/Credit Cards Broker:- Tallinex( regulated in St. Vincents and Grenadines) To open an account please click the following link open an account http://www.tallinex.com/open-account?i=127745&s=127745
Also note we are not responsible if the broker does not open your account because of the lack of documents on your part or because of their anti- money laundering policies. We also do not provide tax or financial planning advise to clients availing this service. Need futher help or clarifications you can email us at [email protected]
Also note a major percentage of the performance fees will go towards financing BLK projects and development of the blackcoin eco system.
Further questions you might be pondering upon would be - 1)Is Blackhedge a ponzi scheme ? 2)If it is not a ponzi then is it profitable ? 3)Credentials of the Blackhedge traders ?
1) It cannot be a ponzi scheme because we do not accept any direct money from clients. We manage only our self owned shareholder(member) money .There are no guaranteed quantum of profits.Profits depend upon the performance of our traders.
2) Well you can follow our live trades in twitter at @Blackhedge_ Our trading statistics can be certified and tracked at a reputed third party website http://myfxbook.com/members/blackhedge . Yes we do make money. Need more mind boggling stats ?mail us we will be happy to flood you with more stats.
3)Traders trading our accounts have atleast one international financial certification i.e either a CFA( Certified Financial Analyst) or someone who has cleared all three levels of CMT ( Chartered Market Technician) Program from Market Technicians Association, New York. It is a prerequisite for anyone handling our accounts.We do not guarantee any certain quantum of profits but we do ensure that the trades you follow are done by professional qualified traders.As one of the founders of Blackhedge I have over 10 years of trading experience in the financial markets with both the certifications mentioned.
If one wants to make a more active association with us in the capacity of a shareholder, we are open to private equity placements.Shareholders ofcourse gets their dividend in blackcoins and enjoy superior returns by participating directly in the growth of the company.
Current Status :- Trading is on and interested folks and copy our trades and also contribute to the growth of blackcoin.
Future Plans :- We are working on some other features of our website which will be online soon enough.We are also in the process of developing some pure blackcoin based financial products which I cannot elaborate right now for the sake of confidentiality.
I hope members of this community will support us in this venture and together we can make a great coin i.e Blackcoin the greatest.
Always bet on BLK.
Please share your views with us in this thread/email us at [email protected]/follow us at twitter @Blackhedge_
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PAMM and MT4 refunds from Wex (old btc-e)

I have 50 bitcoins in my PAMM and I am trying to recover to get the refunds. However I have been pushed back and forth. Has anyone successfully gotten the refunds and if you can advice?
This is the FAQ on Wex and they claimed to have refunded/credited already to the old accounts: https://wex.kayako.com/en-us/article/99-what-happened-to-the-funds-that-were-used-in-the-pamm-and-mt4-accounts
So I emailed both and this is what I got from each of them: WEX - Dear User!
The old BTC-E platform had a White Label contract with FXOpen company for PAMM and MT4 services. When the BTC-E crisis occurred on July 25, 07/17, this company broke the contractual relationship unilaterally. Wex.nz decided to provide assistance in the return of funds to former and current users of the platform and took over the communication with the company FXOpen. We collected all tickets for refunds and provided them to FXOpen employees for processing and making refunds. We notify you that the processing of requests from FXOpen started on September 25, 2017 (it was fixed in our ticket system). Seeing the reaction of users to the information sent from the company representative, we would like to make an additional statement. At the moment no claims for WEX.nz payments can be considered for two reasons: WEX.nz is a new platform that did not accept any financial obligations from BTC-E. This information was announced earlier in the news site. The new site has no data to work with these services. That is why all requests for balances, calculations, historical data (and others) on PAMM and MT4 should be requested from FXOpen. You can still do this through tickets or directly through the support service of FXOpen https://www.fxopen.ru/svyazatsya-s-nami/ WEX.nz cannot affect the speed and quality of responses of FXOpen employees in any way.
Respectfully, WEX.nz support.
And FXOpen -Hello,
Thank you for contacting FXOpen.
FXOpen Company may not comment its business relationship with its partners and customers.
Should you have an agreement with FXOpen, we will be happy to answer your questions regarding our services provided under such agreement.
Considering you don’t have any contractual relationship with FXOpen regarding any of BTC-e services and FXOpen didn’t receive from you or BTC-e your funds, we kindly ask you to contact BTC-e customer service with all question you have in respect of BTC-e services or clients funds.
Best regards,
So no matter how I tried I could not get any progress. I know some people have successfully gotten the attentions when posting it here so I thought I would give it a try to get help from the Community.
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CFD Navigator: New Trading Contest Starts July 6

Recently Forex broker FXOpen introduced new trading instruments, including CFDs, oil, and natural gas. ForexCup couldn’t but follow the suit. Today we launch new contest called CFD Navigator.
Lots of prizes
3 PAMM Accounts. The main prize is PAMM ECN with USD1000 in it. The runners-ups get PAMM STP Accounts with USD500 and USD200 for the 2nd and the 3rd places respectively. Real-money prizes. The prize fund of USD2000 is distributed among 8 leaders of the competition. Bonuses for success in trading. Bonus fund amounts to USD2500. Increase the start-up deposit by at least 20% and get 1% of the profit! 
ReaD More https://forum.forexcup.com/showthread.php/108737-CFD-Navigator-New-Trading-Contest-Starts-July-6?p=2156946#post2156946
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What is PAMM account FXOpen Videos - YouTube How to open a PAMM account with FXOpen FX BRATISLAVAS ΔΥΟ ΜΗΝΕΣ ΕΝΕΡΓΟΣ ΣΤΟ PAMM ΤΗΣ FXOPEN ... HotForex PAMM Fund Managers FXOpen Launches New Tradable Cryptocurrency Pairs Forex Managed Account (PAMM) - Pips Builder Group 1254064 Forex Trading Fxopen Pamm

Today FXOpen PAMM service includes 200+ active PAMM accounts with the capital of more than $10 million. Master The Master opens a PAMM account with his/her capital on it and creates an offer for investors to follow his/her strategy, indicating the terms of cooperation. Fund your investment account in your My FXOpen area. Choose a suitable Master from the PAMM Account Rating and copy his/her trading strategy. Check performance; Forex PAMM Account Table Fields Explained PAMM Name. This is the name of the forex PAMM account. Total Gain. The total percentage gain or loss since the forex PAMM account began. Daily Gain Performance von PAMM-Managern einschätzen. PAMM-Konto auswählen. Filtern Sie die Liste nach den für Sie wichtigen Kriterien und treffen Sie Ihre Auswahl! PAMM Account Rating allows to estimate the Master work, select a PAMM Account.You can use >, and = signs to filter the list for values you need! Active Offers Only General Funds Trading Advanced Peaks Settings # PAMM Name. Total Gain,% Daily Gain,% Account age. Max Drawdown,% Type. Gain Chart. Min Assignment. Min Commission,% Followers. Equity. Master Capital. Currency. Account age. Active ... FXOpen PAMM Service. Realizing the need for a new investing tool that can make cooperation between Masters and Follower account holders (Followers) more effective and transparent, FXOpen has put our best efforts to bring to you an innovative and full-featured PAMM service. PAMM Account. PAMM — (Percentage Allocation Master Module) is a technology allowing a client (Follower) to follow a trading strategy of another client (Master). Master operates his/her personal funds through the PAMM, and by the use of PAMM technology the Master’s trading strategy is replicated on the Follower’s account. Nowadays investing in PAMM accounts is one of the less risky ways of earning passive income online. The idea behind the PAMM account forex for traders: is as follows: if a trader can trade profitably and has no capital necessary to gain enough profit, he can offer capital management service and earn a reward in the form of percent of profit gained thereafter. The MAM account should not be confused with the MetaQuotes multi-terminal system, which has its limitations. A MAM account allows you to use the percentage allocation method like a PAMM account, but it provides greater flexibility to allocate the trades and adjust the risk of each sub-account based on the clients' risk profiles. FXOpen is a Forex broker ECN/STP with several years of operating in the market that offers its services to customers around the world. This broker began in the middle of 2010 a PAMM account service for both money managers (professional account managers) and for clients wishing to invest in the Forex market through managed accounts.

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What is PAMM account

Skip navigation Sign in. Search FXOpen - a Leading Forex and Cryptocurrency Broker FXOpen was founded by a group of traders as an educational center in 2005 before establishing itself as a Forex brokerage. With years of ... Πλέον, έχω ανοίξει το λογαριασμό PAMM, σε συνεργασία με την FXOpen. Με αυτό το λογαριασμό θα κάνω trade τα ζευγάρια ... 📺 In this video you will learn how to open a PAMM account with FXOpen. How to register on the forum: https://youtu.be/2dyGdoLT8cQ Get more information on FXO... Learn about PAMM account. What is PAMM ? Learn about passive income and trading. Be strategy provider or investor where other trading experts manage your por... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue FXOpen Launches New Tradable Cryptocurrency Pairs FXOpen has recently ‎launched PAMM service for cryptocurrency CFDs. Retail forex broker FXOpen is again showing its commitment to cryptocurrency ... The PAMM Account Service gives you the chance to make money on Forex by investing in the accounts of experienced traders. Learn more: ... fxopen forex learning affiliate forex program affiliate ... The HotForex PAMM allows distribution of trades from a single account (master account) to a group of sub accounts. So the fund manager can trade at his master account and all the positions will be ... Unlike other Forex brokers, FXOpen was created by a group of traders and has come a long way from its roots as an educational center to become a major Forex ...